According to the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, in the past decade, a very serious wave of ambition and innovation has swept across Canada. The percentage of the Canadian population engaged in entrepreneurship has skyrocketed by 50%

Source: GEM Canada, TEA (Total early stage entrepreneurship activity), EB (Established Businesses)

Canada’s very enticing business scene backs this upward trend. The powerful Canada-United States-Mexico Trade Agreement, Canada’s preferential market access through 15 free trade agreements with 51 different countries, and Canada’s top-ranked quality of life metrics have got entrepreneurs from all over the world eyeing it as their next business hub!

If you’re yearning to arm yourself with top-notch information and immerse yourself in the Canadian startup landscape, then look no further. We’ve assembled a cheat sheet for you with this epic list of 15 resources, from government portals to trusted business news sites, to pop-culture business resources that will transform you into a bonafide Canadian business insider!

So, let’s dive in and discover why each resource is a must-have in your entrepreneurial toolkit while planning to start or expand a business in Canada!

1. Statcan

Statistics Canada is Canada’s national statistical office. If you want any data to understand Canada better, like population, resources, economy, society, or culture. This site will become your new best friend. With an array of statistics, reports, and surveys, it holds a goldmine of information for any newcomer.

2. (Business)

The official website of the Canadian government – as legit as it can get – is the best source to get information on business regulations, taxes, permits, and business support. Understanding and adhering to the legal requirements will give your business a much-needed advantage from the get-go! 


3. Financial Performance Data

Let’s say you’re a restaurateur who wants to expand your brand to Canada. Imagine getting your hands on over 30 performance benchmarks of the restaurant industry. Imagine if you could literally view industry averages for net profits and net losses, revenues and expenses, and financial ratios of Canadian restaurants.

Well, that’s exactly what you will find on the Financial Performance Data portal, managed by the Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED) – a department of the Government of Canada responsible for improving conditions for investment, enhancing Canada’s innovation performance, and increasing Canada’s share of global trade. 

For approximately 1000 industries, this portal gives you information that is vital to business planning. You can use this data to get a sense of industry performance, cost structures, anticipated revenue levels, and prepare your business moves accordingly.

4. Business Benefit Finder

The Business Benefits Finder is an online tool to browse programs and services applicable to Canadian businesses, also created by the Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED).

You can use filters like province, amount of funding required, goal, and industry, to discover relevant funding programs, tax benefits, wage subsidies, research facility collaboration opportunities, and lots more for your startup!


Known as the Bank of Entrepreneurs, BDC is a national development bank owned by the Government of Canada. Their entire mandate is devoted to providing financing, venture capital, and consulting services to entrepreneurs. 

They are the ultimate financial guru in Canada. They provide business loans, advisory services, and investment solutions to business owners. You can also find fantastic articles and tools for entrepreneurs that demystify the world of business finance in Canada.

6. Provincial Websites – General

If you want to gather general data for a province in Canada and research aspects like demographics, culture, government, housing, employment, law, you can follow these official province website links to find everything you need to find out more about potential markets for your product/service.

7. Provincial Websites – Investment

If you want to gather data specifically to invest in or start a business in a province in Canada, follow the links to the respective official province website links where you can find information on popular industries in the province, business advantages of each location, incentive programs and business services for entrepreneur available, trade and investment office details, and more. 

Trusted Startup & Business News Portals

8. BetaKit

BetaKit is a super reliable go-to source for startup news. They are one of the leaders in business journalism in Canada. You can head to their website for startup trends, funding news, and success stories from the Canadian startup scene. They also have really cool specialized newsletters you can subscribe to, like The AI Times, The Retail Times, The Fintech Times, and more! Check them out to get the scoop on everything startup and tech!

9. BNN Bloomberg

BNN Bloomberg is Canada’s Business News Network. They are a television, radio, and digital service. You can completely count on them for industry news, business breaking news, real-time stock data, and interviews with Canada’s top financial minds.


10. The Globe and Mail (Business)

The Globe is pretty much a part of Canada’s fabric, its coverage of news, politics, business, investing, and lifestyle is followed by millions.Their business journalism includes news and opinion pieces on small businesses, international business, technology, and the economy.

11. Canadian SME

A voice for small and medium-sized businesses in Canada, Canadian SME is a magazine that covers entrepreneurship, technology, leadership, and finance. They also have a podcast where they interview business thought leaders. 

12. Canadian Business

Canadian Business is an online magazine with a quarterly print issue that shares articles, reports, profiles, and opinion pieces that lend an insight into the business landscape of Canada.

Pop Culture Business Resources

13. Dragons Den

Dragon’s Den is not just a TV show; it’s an iconic window into the Canadian startup ecosystem! If you’re an aspiring business owner in Canada, this show is a MUST-WATCH. You’ll learn heaps about the investor ecosystem, other entrepreneurial journeys, what it takes to make it in the Canadian market, and lots more! It’s available to watch on Apple TV!



14. Financial Planning for Canadian Business Owners Podcast:

A very specialized podcast aimed directly at Canadian business owners, hosted by Jason Pereira, a renowned Canadian financial planner who has lived and breathed financial planning for over 20 years. You would love to tune into this show because of the wealth of information it gives out solely for the benefit of startup founders. The podcast features guests who are experts in various areas of finance and business, providing insights into business taxation, investments, and insurance

15. Canada’s Podcast

Canada’s Podcast is like a backstage pass to the entrepreneurial world in Canada; it’s teeming with knowledge and inspiration! Hosted by multiple business experts, like Phillip Bliss (Ontario Host), the show features interviews with successful entrepreneurs and industry experts, providing insights into various aspects of business, including marketing, sales, finance, and operations. 

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