Nestled in the heart of Canada’s buzzing Innovation Corridor and just a train ride away from Toronto, Brampton has become a magnet for top-notch tech talent from all corners of the country and world! 

Its lively mix of cultures and bustling energy permeate every aspect of life, making it a great place to live. But Brampton isn’t just stopping at that – it’s on the brink of something big.

With its focus on tech, entrepreneurship, and the Innovation District, Brampton is attracting companies and skilled professionals like never before. And it’s no wonder – that the City of Brampton has been recognized by Forbes as one of Canada’s top employers!

Brampton’s Labour Force:

Brampton boasts the fourth-largest labour force in Ontario. Impressively, 60% of Brampton’s labour force holds post-secondary education and many specific occupation sectors demonstrate surpluses, for exapmle: business administration (33,425), trade, transport, and equipment operations (23,600), sales and service (30,355), and manufacturing and utilities (16,040).

It is also a part of the 2nd largest tech sector in North America as part of the Toronto Region, and there are no signs of the talent pipeline drying up. Brampton benefits from proximity to 20 post-secondary institutions within an hour’s drive, with a combined enrolment exceeding 400,000 students, representing 75% of the region’s post-secondary enrolment.

Some of the top universities include Sheridan College’s Centre for Advanced Manufacturing and Design Technologies, Algoma University’s Brampton Campus with four-year degree programs in Business, Economics, and Computer Science, and Ryerson University Chang School of Continuing Education with classes in Computer Network Security and Digital Forensics System.

Diversity in Brampton’s Tech Labour Force

Every year, around 14,000 new people call Brampton home, bringing with them a rich diversity of backgrounds and languages. According to the 2021 census, Brampton houses 234 cultures and 115 languages. In 2021, Brampton’s population of visible minorities was 80.6% of the total population or 523,850 people. The top three visible minority groups were South Asian (340,815), Black (85,305), and Filipino (21,060).

Graph showing immigrant population by period of immigration for Brampton


This influx of newcomers is naturally diversifying the tech landscape, as people from various backgrounds flock to the city. And here’s another kicker: the city’s tech talent is seriously young, boasting the lowest average age – 36– of any tech hub in Canada! 

And it’s been seen time and again that diversity for businesses fuels innovation, creativity, and boosts performance. Diverse teams bring unique perspectives and problem-solving skills, even leading to increased employee satisfaction and reduced turnover. 

Diversity has also been seen in strengthening customer relationships and team effectiveness. For instance, McKinsey & Company found that top-quartile diverse executive teams outperform less diverse ones by 36% in profitability.

Bridging the Gender Gap

Currently, women represent 46.3% of the labour force in Brampton, while men represent 53.6% – a good balance but efforts to bridge the gender gap in Brampton’s tech sector are gaining momentum, with initiatives aimed at promoting inclusivity and equality. 

Leaders within the community have been emphasizing the importance of many pressing issues such as:

  • Gender equality in decision-making processes
  • Pay equity
  • The urgency of a united effort towards better child care, evidenced by Covid-19’s disproportionate impact on women, risking the loss of gains made over 40 years!

Organizations like Women in Tech Canada are providing vital support and resources for women pursuing careers in technology, empowering them to thrive in traditionally male-dominated fields. If you’re a woman in tech, you can also check out these events to meet new friends!

The Future of Diversity in Brampton

Looking forward, Brampton is dedicated to achieving a future of diversity, inclusion, and prosperity. The Brampton 2040 Vision, shaped by extensive community input, sets ambitious goals across seven key areas, such as the environment, jobs, transportation, and social issues.

This vision sees Brampton as a vibrant mosaic of people and activities, united in progress and harmony. By valuing diversity and supporting initiatives that ensure fairness and opportunity, Brampton aims to lead the way toward a future where everyone can thrive.

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