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About BHive

BHive is a start-up incubator program that provides hands-on support for international entrepreneurs, innovators and founders as they expand their business to North America.

With a dedicated focus on the Canadian Government’s Start-Up Visa Program, BHive offers international start-ups and entrepreneurs the necessary tools, financial resources and mentorship programs to establish their businesses in the Canadian and North American consumer market.

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Why bring your business to Brampton?

Over 75,000 businesses, including manufacturing, retail and wholesale trade, call Brampton home. The City of Brampton has a thriving and cultivating ecosystem that entrepreneurs from all over the world are taking an interest in. Close to the City of Toronto and the surrounding Greater Toronto Area, Brampton has a dynamic start-up community and is becoming the launchpad for growing enterprises across a vast number of sectors.

Why Work With BHive

We Can Support

As more start-ups and SMEs are looking to expand their business in Canada every year, entrepreneurs aren’t receiving the support they require to scale and establish themselves in the Canadian marketplace.

We Know Success

As the City of Brampton’s premier start-up incubator, BHive works strategically with international start-up founders and entrepreneurs to ensure they have everything they need to grow, scale and find success.

We Give You Access

Through BHive, you and your business will receive immigration support, educational sessions and training, access to highly-qualified mentorship programming and investor funding, and assistance in the Government of Canada’s Start-Up Visa Program.

Start-Up Visa Program

In working with BHive throughout the Flagship Start-Up Visa incubator program, international entrepreneurs and founders will be provided access to utilize the province’s top resources, investment opportunities and local workspaces to expand their start-ups and join Canada’s growing business landscape.

Our programming includes the opportunity to be onboarded and mentored by your sector’s top insitutions. While attending networking and alumni events, we will get you in the room with the right people to help you make your global scale-up a success.

As a partner of the Toronto Business Development Centre (TBDC), a Designated Start-up Visa Program Organization, BHive can provide a letter of support for your company’s application, a prerequisite of the Canadian government’s program.

At the end of the visa program, applicants will receive Permanent Residence status in Canada and the tools they need to launch their start-up.

15+ Sectors represented by our start-ups

Internet of Things (IoT)
Enterprise Saas
Health Technology (HealthTech)
Food Technology (FoodTech)
Human Resources technology (HR technology)
Financial technology (FinTech)v

What to Know About Brampton

You’re in Good Company

BHive is partners with Canada’s top industry professionals, innovators and post-secondary institutions to mentor the next generation of leaders and start-up founders.

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