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In Brampton, culture isn’t limited to traditional institutions like museums or dance academies. It’s a rich tapestry of creativity that embraces everything from literature and publishing, culinary arts, music, film, theatre, and digital arts to ‘art for art’s sake’

For a long time, Brampton was recognized as a sports hub. Its emergence as a serious arts and entertainment hub is something we are all witnessing today. 

Did you know Alessia Cara, Grammy-winning artist, Michael Cera the lovable actor, poet Rupi Kaur, viral pop culture icon, comedian Russel Peters, Brendan Fernandes‘ and his visionary contemporary art, Director X, whose work includes music videos for Justin Bieber, Drake, and Ariana Grande, are all from Brampton?

Against the backdrop of these star-studded sensations, and Brampton being recognized as the fastest growing big city in Canada – the city is doubling down on their arts, entertainment and culture industry. In 2018, the City of Brampton approved its first culture master plan that will catalyze opportunities in the arts and culture sector. In 2021 the city announced that the Tourism Strategy identified arts and culture, and special events as Brampton’s “greatest strengths” in creating civic pride and attracting visitors. And in 2022 the city’s first-ever Strategic Plan for Performing Arts was also released.

The stage is set.

The city’s trajectory is poised for an unprecedented era of cultural prominence and creative excellence.

In this blog, we’ve put together a colourful array of art and entertainment activities to participate in, studios that can help you hone your skills, and opportunities for startups to shine in art and entertainment events in Brampton. Along with a bonus list of event locations to follow in Brampton for year-round opportunities!

Art, Music, and Cultural Events to Attend in Brampton

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Culture Days

1. Culture Days (September 20 – October 13, 2024)

Culture Days in Brampton is a lively celebration of creativity and community, offering a variety of engaging activities and events like art workshops, guided public art tours, live music performances, mural unveilings, and captivating gallery exhibits, hosted by local arts organizations and galleries. Check it out here.

2. Downtown Heritage Walking Tour

Learn more about  Brampton’s rich heritage by visiting its historic architecture and walking the paths of early Bramptonians. Find out how the city’s legacy as the “Flowertown of Canada” came about and its historical significance as the former capital of Peel County. Check it out here.

3. Brampton KiteFest (June 8-9, 2024)

This family-friendly event, presented by the Kiwanis Club of Brampton, allows you to come and fly kites with your friends and family! Check it out here

4. Brampton Celebrates Pride (June)

Pride Month in Brampton celebrates the progress in LGBTQ+ rights while acknowledging ongoing challenges. Events include performances by DJs, dance groups, bands, and drag artists, highlighting community and inclusivity. Check it out here

5. Vibrant Brampton Festival (July 26-27, 2024)

This is a popular South Asian music and dance festival that will take place at Garden Square. It features performances by notable artists like Aaman Trikha, Falak Shabir, and Jassi Sidhu, and includes activities for the whole family, along with various food vendors and local artists​  Check it out here

6. Brampton Fiesta Extravaganza 2024

This festival offers a vibrant mix of music, dance, and cultural performances, celebrating the Filipino community. Check it out here

7. Stories of Home Performance: A Storytelling Celebration/Exhibition

In this open-mic style event, you can listen in or participate by sharing your experience through poetry and storytelling, and give your narrative a platform. Check it out here. This also extends into an exhibit which you can read about here.

Studios to hone your talent in Brampton

1. Visual Arts Brampton Creative Studios

Provides a range of art classes and workshops for all ages and skill levels, including painting, drawing, and mixed media. It’s a great place to learn from experienced artists and explore your creative potential. as well! Check it out here

2. Beaux-Arts Brampton

An artist-run centre that offers gallery space, studios, and workshops. They also provide opportunities for artists to develop their skills through various classes and community events. Check it out here

3. Rose Theatre

While primarily a performance venue, the Rose Theatre also hosts workshops and masterclasses in various performing arts disciplines, including theatre, dance, and music. Check it out here

4. PAMA (Peel Art Gallery, Museum and Archives)

They offer educational programs and workshops that delve into art, history, and culture for children and adults alike. Check it out here

5. MakerSpace Brampton

Located in the Brampton Library, MakerSpace offers workshops in digital arts, 3D printing, coding, and more. It’s an excellent resource for tech-savvy creators looking to expand their skills. Check it out here

6. Crock A Doodle

A pottery painting studio where you can choose from a variety of ready-to-paint pottery pieces, enjoy creative time, and participate in kids’ classes or family activities. Check it out here

7. The Studio

Offers a variety of programs for ages 18 months to adults, including recreational and competitive dance, music, and drama classes. Check it out here

8. Great Big Theatre Company

Provides acting, drama, and theatre arts programs for young people, including full-day camp programs during July and August. Check it out here

9. Happy Hands Pottery and Art Studio

Offers pottery and art experiences, fostering creativity through a range of services and classes. Check it out here

Best Opportunities for Startups in Brampton’s Art and Entertainment Scene

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Annual Winter Lights Festival

1. Brampton Winter Artist Market (Nov 2024)

Get involved in the Brampton Winter Artist Market, where local vendors showcase their unique creations. This event also features family-friendly activities, and live performances, making it a perfect platform for artists and creators to test their talent and reach new audiences. Apply here

2. Brampton Farmers’ Market

Apply to vend at the Brampton Farmers’ Market and showcase your creative products. This market offers artists and creative businesses an excellent venue to sell items like paintings, handmade jewellery, and more, highlighting the best of Brampton’s local talent. Apply here

3. META Brampton (Aug 2024)

META Brampton is a very creative festival that merges digital art and interactive concerts. This event offers a unique platform for artists using new technology and digital media to showcase their work and engage with audiences in exciting new ways. Apply here

4. Brampton Board of Trade

The Brampton Board of Trade supports businesses of all sizes, helping with collaboration and community impact. It’s a key resource for creative entrepreneurs looking to connect with other businesses and drive economic success. Contact them here

5. Brampton Entrepreneur Centre (BEC)

The BEC offers workshops, seminars, and mentorship programs tailored for artists and creative professionals. These resources help budding entrepreneurs transition from creative talent to successful business owners. Contact them here

Key Locations to Keep an Eye On for Year-Round Opportunities in Brampton’s Creative Scene

If you haven’t found something that fits your creative arts business yet in this article, we recommend following these locations and organizations to find many more opportunities!

The Rose

This iconic downtown venue is renowned for its acoustics, architecture, and star-studded performances, hosting over 80 diverse productions annually. Visit The Rose Theatre

Lester B. Pearson Theatre

Located in the Bramalea Civic Centre, this 470-seat theatre is a hub for community groups, music schools, and non-profits, and is currently undergoing renovations. Visit here

Cyril Clark Lecture Hall

Situated in the Cyril Clark Library, this intimate 189-seat recital hall is popular among businesses and community groups for various events. Visit here

Garden Square

At the heart of downtown Brampton, Garden Square hosts live entertainment and community events around its stage and giant LED screen. Visit here


Organizes and offers space for exhibitions, workshops, and programs in art, culture, and history. Visit here

Brampton Library

Hosts a variety of cultural and educational programs, and serves as a key community hub. Many locations available

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