Meet Brampton
Canada's newest start-up hub

Brampton is on the verge of a significant and deliberate transformation and has prioritized innovation and entrepreneurship to foster jobs and technological breakthroughs. The workforce creates a competitive edge and makes Brampton a national leader for attracting, developing and retaining new start-ups and talent.

A talent ecosystem
of the future

The pipeline of talent is limitless and is filled with eager graduates looking to make their mark in your company and to contribute to your success. Brampton has access to 21 Post-Secondary Institutions within an hours drive. More than 400,000 students are enrolled across these institutions, accounting for 75 per cent of the regions overall post-secondary enrolment.

Key sectors pushing innovation
forward in Brampton

Brampton has a strong competitive position because of its diverse and resilient economic base. It has transformed its economic development approach to target high growth business sectors.

A new innovation
district for rapid growth

As a major urban centre, Brampton is the perfect place to launch your start-up or new branch of business. Equipped with co-working spaces, and many resources through our Brampton Entrepreneur Centre, your new venture will have everything it needs to grow as a business.