Cyber Security

Set up shop in Canada’s hub for cybersecurity innovation

A vital center for collaboration and technological development

Home to the Rogers Cybersecure Catalyst, a national centre for innovation and collaboration in cybersecurity, Brampton is a strategic launchpad for start-ups looking to protect the future of internet-connected systems.

With its thriving business community, a multitude of postsecondary institutions and investment in best-in-class technologies, Brampton is Canada’s hub for cybersecurity innovation and collaboration.

Quick Facts

Top Tech Talent

800 jobs to be created through Brampton’s cybersecurity program, and Ontario is home to more than 40% of Canadian IT workers. 

Attracting Investments
$14B spent by Canadian businesses on cybersecurity in 2017.
In High Demand

There is 7% annual growth rate in demand for cybersecurity professionals in Canada. Industry revenue is expected to show an annual growth rate (CAGR 2023-2028) of 9.12%, resulting in a market volume of US$5.49bn by 2028.

Building a Cybersecurity Ecosystem

Digital technologies are increasingly important to innovation and economic growth, and having a strong cybersecurity strategy is critical to North America’s competitiveness, economic stability, and long-term prosperity. A cybersecurity ecosystem is growing in Brampton and the city continues to strengthen its position in Canada’s Innovation Corridor.

Cybersecurity education, training and certification

The Rogers Cybersecure Catalyst Rogers Cybersecure Catalyst is a national centre for innovation and collaboration in cybersecurity based in downtown Brampton. Empowering Canadians and businesses to take advantage of the opportunities and tackle the challenges of cybersecurity through training and certification; commercial acceleration and support for cyber scaleups; applied research and development; and public education.


Support for Canadian cyber scale-ups

Brampton is home to a first-in-Canada technology accelerator program solely committed to supporting Canadian cybersecurity scale-ups. In partnership with the DMZ at Ryerson, the Rogers Cybersecure Catalyst’s National Cybersecurity Accelerator program provides critical assistance to help early-stage cybersecurity firms succeed, including workspace, support, mentorship and access to clients and advisors.
Well Connected
Located in the middle of Canada’s innovation corridor.
Top talent
Highly skilled workforce with access to 4.3 million labour pool across the GTA.
A Hub of Innovation
Brampton is part of the Toronto region, North America’s 2nd largest tech sector.
Cost Effective
Canada has the lowest cost of doing business in the G7 markets.
easy access
Transcontinental highways offer access to 158M consumers.
A Lively City
At 36 years, Brampton boasts the lowest average age in Canada.

Key Sectors

Brampton’s key sectors leverage our businesses and research institutions, workforce, expertise, transport links and location to support our economic development strategy and grow our local economy.
Advanced Manufacturing
Food + Beverage
Health + Biotechnology
Innovation + Technology
Renewable Energy
Cyber Security

How we help

BHive’s Cybersecurity Cohort offers a number of key benefits for international start-ups, including:

Access to funding

Matching applicants with suitable investors and funding opportunities for cybersecurity.

Mentorship opportunities

Introductions to leaders in the cybersecurity and technology industries to provide mentorship, guidance and support.

Access to research facilities and lab space

Leveraging resources from one of the 21 post-secondary institutions located within an hour's drive of Brampton, including top-rated research universities in North America like McMaster University & University of Toronto.

Skilled talent

Access to a skilled local workforce of technology professionals as well as thousands of students enrolled at the 21 post-secondary institutions located near Brampton.

Dedicated Sector Manager

Access to a dedicated Sector Manager specializing in cybersecurity to provide industry-specific advice for the Canadian and North American markets.

Who should apply

Our cybersecurity cohort is designed for coachable, energetic founders with startups that are shaping the future of cybersecurity by developing innovative solutions to help protect critical systems and sensitive information from digital attacks.

This cohort is aimed toward early-stage companies (pre-seed, seed, or series), whether they have raised little to no investment or even projects (pre-incorporation); however, start-ups at all levels of the company life cycle will be considered.

Companies with any or all the following are preferred:

  • Revenue-generating.
  • Recurring revenue.
  • Pilot customers.
  • IP.
Start-up focus areas may include:
  • Fraud Detection.
  • Identity theft.
  • Hacking prevention.
  • Money-Laundering.
  • Computer Vision.
  • Privacy.
  • Cyber IOT.
  • Data Governance.
  • Endpoint Protection.
  • Mobile Security.
  • Intrusion detection.
  • Penetration testing.
  • Cloud Security.
  • Network Security.
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